Fortunately, in Canada, gays and lesbians have all the rights and privileges we could want.  Here are some of the issues that are important to Gay Dominion.
1.  Keep Same-Sex Marriage Legal
Gay Dominion firmly supports same-sex marriage and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it will remain legal in Canada.  We strongly urge the Conservative Party of Canada to drop same-sex marriage as an issue for consideration.
2.  Gay Dominion Supports Religious Freedom
We understand that many people in various religious communities are uncomfortable with same-sex marriage.  While we believe that current laws are satisfactory to deal with religious objections – we are also on the lookout to attempts to marginalize religious beliefs.  Gay Dominion is firmly against the use of Provincial and Federal Human Rights Commissions to silence people because of their religious beliefs.
3.  Repeal Hate Propaganda Laws
Currently, five groups are protected under the law againt hate speech:  colour, race, religious or ethnic origin, and sexual orientation.  Gay Dominion is for the repeal of this legislation for a couple of reasons.  First, these laws are not uniformly prosecuted, and secondly,  we are firmly on the side of free speech, period.
4.  Conservative Party Outreach
The Conservative Party of Canada reaches out to many ethnic and religious groups in Canada…but not the gay and lesbian community.  We want to help make that outreach possible.

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